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  • PurpleStride Media Resources Here you will find a variety of PurpleStride Media resources:
    • Sponsor and Corporate Team Press Release 
    • PurpleStride Media Talking Points
    • PurpleStride Story Pitch Template
    • PurpleStride Press Release Template
    • PurpleStride ...

    Date Created: 08/14/2018 02:10 PM
  • PurpleLight Media Resources Here you'll find the talking points, media alert and press release templates. 
    Date Created: 08/08/2018 06:24 PM
  • PurpleStride Media Sponsorship Resources Here you will find a variety of PurpleStride Media Sponsorship resources: 
    • Securing a PurpleStride Media Sponsor
    • Media Sponsorship Deskside Meeting Presentation
    • Media Sponsorship Guidelines and Process
    • Media Sponsorship ...

    Date Created: 08/14/2018 02:01 PM
  • PurpleStride Facebook Fundraiser Resources This webinar introduces the new PurpleStride Facebook Fundraiser integration functions that went live on September 4, 2019.  The PowerPoint slides can be used in affiliate meetings, PurpleStride kickoffs and wherever you see ...
    Date Created: 08/29/2019 10:15 AM
  • Team & Individual Development Chair Guide Use this role-specific guide to get you started on your volunteer journey. 

    Updated September, 2019 with newly linked resources

    Date Created: 08/24/2018 02:17 PM