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  • Preparation for Media Interviews
    • Media Coaching Video -  Since this video was created, the Survival rate for Pancreatic Cancer has increased to 12%! 
    • Media Interview 101
    • Sample Media Interview Questions and Answers

    Date Created: 08/09/2018 11:12 PM
  • Post-PurpleStride Gratitude Resources Sharing our gratitude for our volunteers and supporters is critically important to our success! When people feel appreciated and understand the impact of their PurpleStride efforts, they tend to deepen their investment. That is ...
    Date Created: 05/10/2023 08:20 PM
  • About PanCAN Use this infographic for an easy way to tell our story.
    Date Created: 08/07/2018 05:29 PM
  • Death/Diagnosis of Public Figure Media Materials These assets can be used for local outreach when a prominent public figure in your community passes away from or is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For example, a local news anchor, former mayor, sports figure, etc. Please use the ...
    Date Created: 07/06/2022 04:28 PM
  • Take the Pledge & Get Involved One Sheet This is an overview of the pledge plan for PurpleStride 2023 events and includes information on resources available, how to organize your team to maximize this opportunity and the post event follow-up plan.
    Date Created: 04/20/2023 01:01 PM